That Time When I Bought a Google Cardboard

I bought the Google Cardboard sometime back, and to be honest… it’s a novelty bought on impulse. So here’s a short review on it, just in case someone who is reading this, is dying to get one. I don’t think it’s useless and I don’t think it’s boring. It’s just… […]

The Trip of a Lifetime – London!

Overview: Time of My Life in England It may be a short 2 weeks in England, but the trip was not only an eye-opener, it was a motivational and inspiring getaway where I discovered a little more about myself; the extent of one’s dedication to its craft; and how I’m inspired […]

Library@Orchard is As Artsy as it Gets!

Step aside Hipsters, for the Nerds are in Da House with the New Library@Orchard! Located in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district, library@orchard is as artsy as it gets. Coined as the ‘Arts Library’, the books and materials are centred around lifestyle, design, crafts and applied arts. Aside from fiction, […]

[Review] SingTel Wifi – Tried & Tested!

It has been nearly a month since I’ve signed up with the new SingTel combo pricing plans and enjoying the SingTel Wifi services that comes with it. To those who don’t already know, SingTel is offering customers with more data with the SingTel Wifi service that allows you to connect […]