[Walked & Travelled] 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo at JB!

The 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo at City Square Mall Instantaneously Turns Us to Fans of the Adorable Blue Cat!


I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Doraemon and it’s safe to say the same for my friends who went along to the trip, but never did we expect to turn into little fan girls, squealing at the cute exhibition pieces and we spent over an hour at the merchandise area!


I’ve had the intention to go ‘over (the) sea’ to JB to check out the exhibition when it was first announced in August, but as procrastination prevails, we waited till nearly the end of the 6-month long exhibition to visit the place. You might think there won’t be much people there but to our surprise as well, it was pretty crowded even before it hits lunch time.

I got to know more about the blue cat, the owner and friends after watching ‘Stand By Me Doraemon’, the last movie on Doraemon. Like myself, you would probably know about Doraemon’s magical pouch but do you know there are more than 100 gadgets that it can produce with that special pouch? And this exhibition displays all the 100 gadgets you will expect to see.




The first section is the display of 100 Doaremon figurines with his 100 different gadgets. It’s a photo-opp galore. Take time to read the description of how each gadget works and you’ll be surprised how absurd-sounding some could be while secretly hoping they could be yours.







This is the ‘Do-You-Know’ section. So did you know that Doraemon was yellow and that he HAD ears….?


Doraemon7One of the first coloured comics of Doraemon!




Doraemon9A few of the more interactive sections!

We went crazy over the merchandise area. This is just the 1st part of it and there are more stuff after exiting the area. If you want to purchase Doraemon merchandise, there is even a pop-up store at level 2 or 3 in the mall! From plushies to T-shirts, even mugs and pencil boxes, it’s everything and anything Doraemon!



Doraemon Pop-Up Cafe

We decided to indulge in an ‘All-Doraemon Day’ by visiting the pop-up cafe located at level 5 of City Square Mall. From the outside, you might think there’s quite a variety of food to choose from, but in fact it’s just different flavoured dorayaki, some dessert and perhaps coffee. In short, it’s overrated.

There’s a ‘Set A’ and ‘Set B’ option on the menu, but one of it was sold-out, and their white coffee too! Surprise, surprise…

So we opted for hot chocolate but tasted very much like diluted milo. The cute Doraemon coffee art had us all excited for a few seconds till we tasted the drink.


Doraemon11Hot Chocolate

The dorayaki was more disappointing. The ala cate dorayaki which SYY ordered came from the freezer and tasted like hardened chocolate cream with hardened dough. and that’s after 10 minutes under the hot sun.



We went for chocolate larva cake a la mode. How much can a fan-favourite dessert disappoint right? As so we thought, but again, it was below expectations. I don’t think we had much to start with, but ‘too sweet’, ‘too hard’, ‘what is this?’ were some of the comments. No prizes for guessing how it tasted. With all the disappointments one after another, the vanilla ice cream was the best. Period.



100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo

Now till 4 Jan 2015
10am to 10pm (Last entry at 9pm)
Johor Bahru City Square, Malaysia

Ticketing Price:
Adult :RM25
Child (12 years and below) :RM15

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