[Walked & Travelled] Through the Mind of Leonardo Da Vinci at ArtScience Musuem!

Head down to the ArtScience Museum to Explore More About One of The Greatest Minds in History – Leonardo Da Vinci in ‘Da Vinci: Shaping the Future’ Exhibition’!


Visitors will be able to catch the first glimpse of the original masterpieces by history’s foremost ArtScientist, Leonardo da Vinci, as they are unveiled in Southeast Asia for the first time. Walking through the exhibition not only opened my mind on da Vinci, he made me understood and learned a lot about the building blocks of the future.

DV2Photo Credit: ArtScience Museum

The ground-breaking exhibition is curated to provide visitors the unique opportunity to explore the interlinking worlds of art and science. Apart from paintings and original pages of the Codex Atlanticus, there are various video projections, models of his inventions and much more to explore at the exhibition.

DV1Photo Credit: ArtScience Museum


Over the course of the exhibition’s six-month run till May 2015, six paintings and 26 pages of the Codex Atlanticus will be on show. Three paintings and 13 pages of the Codex will be on show for the first three months, and then from February – May 2015, three new paintings and 13 new pages of the Codex will be presented. This not only gives visitors the opportunity to explore the depth of da Vinci’s work through new content and refreshed programming but more importantly, allows these delicate historic pieces to be preserved appropriately.



On display at the exhibition are 69 facsimiles reproduced from his notebook, illustrating da Vinci’s mastery in five domains – mathematics, natural sciences, technology, music and architecture.




Key highlights of the facsimiles include Section for the Tiburio of the Milan Cathedral (Circa 1487 – 90) and Studies on the Flight of Birds (1505). The folio on the Studies on the Flight of Birds (1505) is one of da Vinci’s most striking visual demonstrations of the flight of birds. Using the simple lines to differentiate the bird’s course of flight and wind direction, da Vinci created a dynamic and clear graphic representation of flight on paper.

In addition to the masterpieces on show, 20 models have been commissioned for the show, from Biblioteca Ambrosiana. These provide visitors with a real-life perspective of da Vinci’s designs for flying, civic, and military mechanisms. Visitors will be able to identify with a few familiar models on display including the Flying Machine, Archimedes’ Screw as well as the Mobile Bridge.



To showcase how Da Vinci’s innovation and holistic thinking is still strikingly current today, ArtScience Museum is working with four tertiary groups to Singapore to present a unique collection of 14 technology and design projects, which are displayed at the end of the exhibition in a showcase called Innovation Today.

On display are five art installations inspired by da Vinci, including three new commissions by Donna Ong (Singapore), WY-TO (Singapore), as well as Semiconductor, Luke Jerram and Conrad Shawcross (United Kingdom).




Luke Jerram (United Kingdom) Glass Microbiology by the artist Luke Jerram consists of a series of glass sculptures which represent viruses. Similar to da Vinci’s drawings of nature in the Codex Atlanticus, the sculptures aim to reveal the hidden structures of naturally occurring phenomenon.



Within the exhibition, an activity space titled Inspired by da Vinci, enable visitors to learn, explore, experiment and create their own inventions and artworks to take home. There are drop-in activity stations, exploring parachutes, platonic shapes and architecture that encourage participants to apply what they have learnt from the exhibition.


Apart from the stations, there are various hands-on activities throughout exhibition for all to explore and learn a bit more about the brilliant mind of da Vinci.


Davin15Create this sphere at the activity corner – the last stop of the exhibition!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a quote from the man himself, Leonardo da Vinci.


 Leonardo Da Vinci in ‘Da Vinci: Shaping the Future’ Exhibition

Date: Now till May 2015.
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm (last admission 6pm)

da Vinci Ticketing detailsPhoto Credit: ArtScience Museum

For more information on the exhibition, click here!


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