[Tried & Tasted] Korea’s Famous YOOGANE Chicken Galbi!


Everyone would have heard of the famous Yoogane in Korea where it’s a ‘must try’ food dish when you’re there. Serving chicken galbi, or grilled Korean dish with marinated meat/seafood/noodles in ganjang sauce, it’s a dish that satisfy your Korean cravings and a great place for big gatherings.



The first Singapore branch opened earlier this year at Bugis Junction to much fanfare and because of its surge in popularity, low and behold… the 2nd outlet is now opened at Westgate Mall! This might probably be the first time I’m envious of the west-siders.

Yoogane3Salad bar

There is a free-flow ‘salad bar’ where you can get your unlimited kimchi fix or try the salad with the unique strawberry dressing though I would like to call it the ‘side dish’ bar instead. Would be better if there were more varieties to choose from.


Yoogane4Japchae – $11.90

This Japchae, people, is a must-try when you’re at Yoogane. I wasn’t hoping much from a BBQ-grilled place, but if you enjoy a more moist Japchae, then this is the one you should be looking for. An overall flavourful and pleasing dish to start the grilling going. The Japchae reminded me of the roadside tents in Korea – quality over quantity.


Yoogane8Korean Style Seafood Pancake – $16.90

Another side dish we had was the Korean Style Seafood Pancake – a hot-favourite dish in Singapore. Served in 3 large portions, this is no one-man job to feast on. Generous servings of seafood and a nice sweet and salty sauce to seal the deal.



We got the Seafood and Chicken Galbi with add-ons of the ‘Combination Dokboki‘ (Rice Cake) – sweet potato, Korean traditional and cheese flavours, and Sticky Noodles for 3 hungry ladies. It’s my first time hearing a combination of Dokboki, much less tasting it here in Singapore. The Seafood and Chicken Galbi is one of Yoogane’s specialities that comes with a range of seafood including baby octopus, squid, mussels and prawns, all fried with the restaurant’s unique spicy sauce blend.

 Yoogane6Seafood and Chicken Galbi – $52.90 (2-3px) / $59.90 (3-4px)
Sticky Noodles – $3.90
Combination Dokboki – $6.90

The waiters have gone through training on how to stir-fry the perfect dakgalbi, so let them do their job as they are different steps to be taken that you might not have the knowledge of, especially if you have add-ons like we did. Top it off with cheese and you’re good to go.

Having said that, nobody is going to stop you if you intend to DIY your galbi as they might be busy with other tables when the restaurant becomes packed with patrons. It’s a good time to feast on the other dishes like the Seafood Pancake & Japchae that we had.

Yoogane7Tadah! Yummlicious isn’t it?



In that 1 heavenly pot of blissful goodness, I have to admit that I absolutely adored the octopus! Perhaps I’m a sotong-lover myself, so as biased as this may sound, sotong was the best for me – chewy, tasty and loving the texture of the suction cups!

Yoogane5You don’t really need the aprons, but I thought… since we’re here, so why not?!

It’s no wonder why Yoogane is always packed with people especially during the weekends. It’s a perfect place to feast with friends over food, enjoy communal-style dining and just bond with one another talking about anything and everything under the sun. Be prepared to queue if you arrive during the peak lunch/dinner period. A nice alternative dining option from the ‘Let’s go Korean BBQ buffet’ if you asked me. In conclusion… I’ll be back.

Oh, before we left, see what we got! A cut-out DIY fold of the Yoogane mascot!


 Thank you Yoogane for having me and hosting the tasting session.


Bugis Junction

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun – 11am – 10pm
Yoogane Westgate
Westgate Mall

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