[Tried & Tasted] New Ricola Flavours – Honey-Lemon & Swiss Cherry!

Ricolaaa! Ricola introduces 2 new flavours from their new product range ‘Natural Relief’ – the Honey-lemon flavour and Swiss Cherry Flavour!

Known as one of the leading brands to help soothe the throat and cough, the Natural Relief drops makes it Southeast Asia debut in Singapore! Ricola NATURAL RELIEF is available in two flavours – Honey-Lemon and Swiss Cherry. These soothing herb lozenges feature a centre-core filled with a rich syrup that contains natural menthol as its key ingredient.

Thanks to Ricola and Word of Mouth Communications, I managed to try these 2 new flavours!

floR3  Photo Credit: Ricola Singapore

The Ricola special 13-herb mixture contains Burnet, Cowslip, Elderberry, Horehound, Marshmallow, Lady’s Mantle, Mallow, Peppermint, Plantain, Sage, Speedwell, Thyme, and Yarrow. At the heart of each herb drop is the Honey & Menthol syrup (in the Honey-Lemon lozenges) or Herb & Menthol syrup (in the Swiss Cherry lozenges) that is perfectly matched to each grade for the liquid filling to evenly spread throughout the mouth to the upper respiratory tract area and lubricates the throat. The consistency of the syrup increases efficacy to help clear the nasal passages and allows you to breathe more freely.

Rflo6Photo Credit: Ricola Singapore

To ensure optimum product freshness and hygiene, the new Ricola Natural Relief comes in individually-wrapped pillow packs housed in a distinctively-designed paper box packaging that is convenient to consume anytime you need them.


Honey-Lemon – The Crowd Favourite


So I brought the 2 boxes to work to share with my colleagues. As I guessed, the Honey-Lemon flavour was a hot favourite. When presented with 2 options, many chose to go with the ‘safer’ taste, and without telling them about the liquid core, they face lit up – eyes opened wide when the syrup oozes into their mouth. Yumss…

Personally, I absolutely love this flavour! The honey and menthol syrup doesn’t ‘burst’ into your mouth, for it slowly oozes out, spreading evenly throughout the mouth and finally, soothing the throat area. It isn’t ‘hot/spicy’ per se, but expect a bit of tangy hint to its aftertaste.


Swiss Cherry – For the Adventurous


In all honesty, for review sake that I will try the Swiss Cherry candy. I never fancied the taste of cherry, though I had always wished I could tie a knot with the cherry stem (you know what they say…), No! I mean literally! Right, the taste… the Cherry-flavoured one is richer in taste compared to the Honey-Lemon, also because of the fruit’s strong essence, but overall, for a non-cherry lover, it’s bearable.

The Swiss Cherry herb drop candy is developed for cough and throat irritation, which may explain the tartness and a ‘spicier/fierier’ zing to it. The candy shell’s cherry content also helps to alleviate discomfort in the throat with a freshness.

Ricola NATURAL RELIEF is priced at S$3.75 (RRP) per box and are now available at all supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies island-wide.

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