The Trip of a Lifetime – London!

Overview: Time of My Life in England

It may be a short 2 weeks in England, but the trip was not only an eye-opener, it was a motivational and inspiring getaway where I discovered a little more about myself; the extent of one’s dedication to its craft; and how I’m inspired to improve and start to walk the talk.

I guess these are what holidays do to you: the enjoyment of discovering something you thought will never happen to you.


A summary of some interesting happenings during the trip to London:

  1. In awe of all the talented and freakkin awesome plays and musicals that we caught.
  2. I got scolded ‘Stupid’ by an old man with a walking stick for blocking his way. I was just taking pictures of the paintings hung on the wall and got an uncalled for comment. Oh wells.
  3. On the other hand, a fine gentleman said “Excuse me my love, sorry.” I was again, in his way in a bookshop. Oh wow, just because these greetings never happens in Singapore.
  4. Cards and bookshops are still surviving and doing well in London.
  5. The Arts! Everything about the Arts! Because shows there get sold-out for months and years and even for matinee shows!
  6. Met 2 old man at ‘Billy Elliot’. We chatted with them and found out they have watched the musical for hundreds of times! Leonard, one of the men said that the show was his 300+th time. “I’ve watched all the Billys since it started 20 years ago!” O.O
  7. Finally tried Burgers and Lobsters there – absolutely fantastically delicious.
  8. Loved the ciders and cocktails there… Somehow they taste better? More please!
  9. Didn’t really paid attention to the walking tours (it felt like Poly lectures all over again) but I just enjoyed where I was led to. 
  10. Stonehenge was exciting and an eye-opener, but I should have done a little more research on my part to enjoy it further.
  11. I took too many jump shots… even if it’s at UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  12. HolySh** Harry Potter!
  13. I had enough of cold food and really missed my Bak Chor Mee/Bak Kut Teh… and my chou chou more than anything

Will update more in the weeks to come!


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