[Walked and Travelled] Exploring Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour in London!

Expecto Patronum! Flying into Hogwarts Film Set at the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour! 

 If you’re an ardent fan of Harry Potter, GO. If you’re a film student, or an ex film student who watched the film series just because everyone is doing so, GO. If you’re someone who just loves to know what goes behind the cameras in a film set, GO. And if you’re a parent accompanying your children who are fans of the book and movie series… you have no choice but to GO.

Exploring the wondrous, magical Hogwarts film set has got to be one of the highlights of my trip to London!

Here’s why…

Harry Potter Studios Tour

Harry Potter Studios TourOh yeah, we’re so ready!

All in all, visiting the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour in London is a trip to Hogwarts exploring the muggle-language behind the magic. It’s essentially a walking tour around the film set that made the highly successful book-to-movie series, and the birth of some of the biggest stars in showbiz.

Harry Potter Studios Tour

*Hint: When the guide asks ‘Anybody’s birthday today?’ Just raise your hand and scream ‘ME!’. It’s going to be worth it.

Harry Potter Studios Tour
Life’s good when you’ve been sorted to your favourite house

We booked a tour with Golden Tours, which include our transportation to-and-fro, and the entrance ticket. We booked the earliest time slot, and were pretty much the first batch to enter the area… but we were about half an hour early before the tour officially starts! 

The tour bus by Golden Tours are all decked out in Harry Potter – exterior mostly. On your way there, which takes about a little more than an hour, enjoy the first film ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ on the little TV screen installed in the bus.

My ticket to HogwartsMy ticket to Hogwarts!

Harry Potter Studios Tour
Though this would be the ideal way to travel to Hogwarts

Harry Potter Studios TourBut definitely not this!

Harry Potter Studios TourFINALLY!

The studio is located near pinewood studios and at that time when I was there, apparently STAR WARS EPISODE 8 was filming at Pinewood!! Geeked out for a moment.

There, you get to see some of the beautiful costumes and props that were used in the movies; tour around the huge sets of iconic scenes such as the Great Hall, Gryffindor’s dorm, Dursley’s home, Diagon Alley, Gringotts Wizarding Bank and much more. Suit up in the houses robes and snap a ‘video picture’ of you riding the Flying Ford Anglia (the blue car that flies) and of course, on your favourite Nimbus 2000 – sort of.

Harry Potter Studios TourI wished someone will reveal the special concoction to teleportation

Harry Potter Studios Tour
Paper-cut models to give you an overview of the landscape of Hogwarts

Harry Potter Studios Tour
Shopping at Diagon Alley!

Harry Potter Studios TourIt must be an interesting direction for the art department to come up with psychedelic and colourful props like these!

I know some of you are going to hate me when I say I’m not a fan of Harry Potter. Yes, neither the book or the movies. I don’t detest anything, just not a fan. I’ve watched the movie series, yes, love the magical fantasies but I’m no Potterhead (assuming that’s what fans are called?).

Merchandise areaThe merchandise area is a dangerous ground. All things there are super tempting, even for a non-fan like myself!

Harry Potter Studios TourThe damn gorgeous costumes as seen from the films

Harry Potter Studios Tour
Out of bounds to students… and visitors

But yes, I throughly enjoyed myself there… mostly because I’m in awe of the extend of the huge set and the amount of detail that goes into it.

Harry Potter Studios TourOne of my favourites: The green screen set

Harry Potter Studios Tour
Ron’s favourite giant spider hangs by the ceiling at the ‘props’ section

 Harry Potter Studios Tour
Hair and makeup are essentials to any film set

Harry Potter Studios Tour
Goblins’ prosthetic masks for Gringotts Wizarding Bank scenes

Harry Potter Studios Tour
Breaking down how ‘the monster book of monsters’ works

Throughout the tour, you’ll get to learn more about green screen techniques; special effects, the animatronics and sketches and mock-ups of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Studios Tour

Your trip there won’t be complete without trying the famous Butter Beer! The ‘foam’ is just malt and the ‘beer’ is pure soda. It’s too sweet for my liking, but well, I’m glad to say ‘I’ve tried (the overpriced) butter beer!’.

Harry Potter Studios TourIt’s battle time!

Harry Potter Studios Tour
Like a film set, huh!

Apart from the massive photo opportunities and just getting excited to see the film sets and props right before your eyes, there are a few activities you can also participate in, like the ‘Learn to fight with spells’ – learning the right swishes and poses to cast a specific spell during fights. Or photo-taking memorabilia – hopping on a broom and fly across the city with the augmented-reality clip.. all with a robe, no less.

Harry Potter Studios TourThank you Hogwarts!

Harry Potter Studios Tour

Muggle, Wizard, Parent. Who cares. It’s Harry Potter…. and it’s awesome!

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