That Time When I Bought a Google Cardboard

I bought the Google Cardboard sometime back, and to be honest… it’s a novelty bought on impulse. So here’s a short review on it, just in case someone who is reading this, is dying to get one.


I don’t think it’s useless and I don’t think it’s boring. It’s just… overrated. Perhaps I am one of those gullible consumers who have bought into the damn great marketing scheme through the Internet. It sure was fun at its initial stages, and a pretty good boasting gizmo to share with family and friends.  🙂 

GCB2Flaps beside the lens to adjust the focus of the image

I get heavy motion sickness with it, and I know I’m not alone. My sis couldn’t stand a minute when I loaded the roller coaster app, much less when my friend tried it with some first-person shooting game in outer space. For your information, VR motion sickness is very real, and it’s not just from Google Cardboard. I experienced nausea and dizziness after playing a round of the shooting game.. and vowed never to touched it for the next few weeks.

GCB4Just stick your phone in front of the lens to use it as your VR screen


In terms of quality, of course, the Google Cardboard is nowhere near the Oculus Rift or Samsung’s Gear VR, but hey, what you pay for is what you get right? It’s decent, you roughly get the feel of VR, but the lag from my phone at least, did interrupted the overall experience of the game/app.

I downloaded a few apps to try it out. You can also view some videos of YouTube that are VR-compatible. The Jungle Book series on YouTube was pretty fun, as well as The Hunger Games experience.


Most of the bigger blockbuster films are also moving towards VR as part of their movie’s promotion, which is a good time to experiment and explore how will VR work with its audiences.


Do you really need to get one of the Google Cardboard? Maybe, if you’re willing to spare a few dollars on something that induces headaches… but hey, it’s fun while it lasted.

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