[Travelled, Tried & Tasted] Burger & Lobster in Bath!

We were constantly reminded to try the famous Burger & Lobster when we’re in London. It seemed to be a ‘must-go’, ‘must-try’ restaurant while you’re there… and we were so glad we did. We didn’t go to the one in London, but the Bath outlet gave us a comparable delightful experience.

It’s a good thing that both Christine and I were perpetually hungry during our time there, for we were so ready to gobble down early dinner at about 5pm! The crowd starts to stream in around 6pm or so, and tables get filled up rather quickly. If you intend to do an impromptu indulgence, go early to get a good seat.


If I remembered correctly, the menu is really just the drinks menu (which is great, of course). Food is simply Lobster or Burger – take your pick. I chose the lobster while Christine chose the beef burger. Each dish is served with fries and salad. Oh, and that 20 Pounds that you pay for, it comes with an alcohol drink! 


How about a cute barista for a view!


I can’t remember what exactly did we order, but those were sweet cocktails, and we loved it, for sure.

There’s really nothing much to say about the grilled lobster, other than it being fantastically delicious. I love how sweet and chewy the meat of the lobster is; and with that speciality Lemon Garlic Butter sauce, which I asked for more, was splendidly satisfying. Like holy crap, what kind of divine sauce concoction is that?! So, so good!

lobb1Such a huge lobster! Yumms!

You may think that eating only one large lobster is not filling for a hungry woman, but you are so wrong! Sure, the lobster is gone much faster than Christine’s burger, because you get to scrape out the juicy meat in one gratifying motion, but with the sides and drink, it’s enough to fill a greedy carnivorous like myself.

We love the friendly staff there too, who really took time to help us with recommendations and the no. of trips I had to trouble her to get me more of the Lemon Garlic Butter sauce. She actually gave a really huge sauce dish after the second/third time. I was very full after finishing the mains, but had to munch on more fries because of that awesome dip!

A great place – both for the food, ambience and of course, the company! Will definitely be going back! 

Burger & Lobster
Add: Octagon Chapel, 28 Milsom St, Bath BA1 1BZ, United Kingdom
Opening Hours: 12–11PM
Official Website: 

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