Name please.

Hi, I’m Flora but most people call me Flo.  Well, I used to have a nickname in Secondary School as ‘花姐’. (Flower sister)… What?!

Come’on! A little more.

Features writer at InCinemas.sg.

I entered this media industry doing shows and production. I enjoyed whatever I was given and really appreciated all the love and care from the awesome peeps at the production company.

I was part of 3 seasons of oktoLIVE! an infotainment show dedicated to kids. From being an assistant student producer (S1) to a student producer (S2) and finally an assistant producer (S3). Did a few shows during season 4 too! I have learned a lot, made new friends through the years. Being able to be the 1st ever 3D production crew in Singapore makes me feel proud too! I can’t get enough of the adrenaline while counting down to live shows. Been doing that, will do that. I hope & wish to do a red carpet event or a major award show in the future.

Then a step into editorial industry… and they say the rest is history.


What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy life in general, or rather I enjoy appreciating life and the wonders one can bring.

Wow! Just like many of you out there, I have just too many. I like…
… Films|Theatre|Dance|Music|Photography|Writing|Blogging|Eating|Gymming|Drawing|Social Networking|Stalking people on Fb & twitter| Spazzing over my idols|Craft work| Jigsaw puzzles and mind boggling games| Debating with friends|Food… (and the list continues…)

Performing on stage is something I really enjoy doing as well. The beginners’ call on the first show is where my heart starts beating really fast, the moment you enter stage and recite your first line, that’s immense joy is what I crave for. Then when you look up to the audience as they give you the applause, it’s a moment of pride and appreciation that I’ll never forget. Apart from that, meeting and getting to know these bunch of creative (mostly crazy) people, be it cast or crew members, they each have a story that truly inspires and motivates me.

I love the stage, I love theatre and I want to continue to do just that.


What is the most common misconception people have on you?

People tell me that if I don’t smile, I look really fierce. Resting bitch face, they call it? Who cares, really.

I’m nice, says the people I’ve met.


Why http://floraiyeo.com?

But http://floraiyeo.com is because my full name is Flora Isobel Yeo, therefore…

Floraiyeo [flora-i-yeo] [floor-rah-ai-yo] Show IPA where “iyeo” sounds like a Singaporean slang “aiyoh” denoting a form of expression of “Yikes” “Oh no”…

Friends say it’s lame. I think it’s creative!


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Fun size weirdo.


What is your purpose of creating this blog?

Blogging is something which I look forward to daily. It’s pretty much about the joy in blogging and sharing information and experiences with everyone.

It was once part of homework, part of scores. But now, its a passion, a platform for me to be a part of this World Wide Web. Blogging has brought me to a whole entire new level of getting hold of information and a sensational sphere of joy.

It was once just an avenue for me to rant bitching about people, but when the blogging habit kicks in, and reading comments from people, I felt that I had the need/obligation to share more information with all of you.


What can we expect from this blog?

I like to blog about the recent activities happening around the world, news that made jaws dropped, mended and dropped again. Well, it also includes my rants and featuring some of my clay miniatures. Films, videos, theatre, web, pop culture, health, k pop, and just about anything and everything that catches my eye.


Your deep dark secrets?

Alright, I can’t believe I’m saying this… I’m just gonna reveal 2 secrets I’ll never admit if you asked me face-to-face.

1) I am very afraid of ghost/ghastly/eerier stuffs, but have NO IDEA why did I sign up to be a Halloween performer at USS. Eeps!

2) When Teletubbies was the IN thing back in the days, I was a huge huge fan of Po, the red one. I had a Po plushie, watched every episode, mimicked the airy Po’s voice and had Po drawings all over my room. Yes, I’m embarrassed. The toys are gone, papers torn and shows deleted.


Sorry, you said you are from…?

Singapore. Yes. That small little red dot I call home.



Are you a fan of any singers/actors?

– I used to be quite a crazy fan of K-pop, especially my favourite groups: Girls’ Generation & Beast. While I don’t go round chasing them and wanting to be the first to know about their news, I still buy their albums and attend their concerts in Singapore.

– Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Carrie Underwood, Jessie J, are some of my current jam.

– BAZINGA! – Sheldon Cooper is one of my fav characters in The Big Bang Theory and I absolutely love this series! I enjoy watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Quantico, The Flash, Scorpion and Criminal Minds.


Wow. Anything you wanna add?

Flo’s blog, My say. Your reads.
~Flow with da FLO yo~

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